7. Smědava, a mountain settlement Jizerka, a mount Smrk, a spa Lázně Libverda

Trip realised by using a bus service running between Hejnice and Smědava. This trip is more demanding so we recommend it to advanced hikers only.

From Smědava we will follow a red sign in the direction of a mountain settlement Jizerka and a mount Bukovec (1005 m above a sea level). The interesting thing about this basalt mount is that it is of volcanic origin and that on its existence had a big influence even the youngest geological period . From there we will return to the settlement Jizerka and visit a well-known building called Hnojový dům (Manure house). After that we will follow a green sign towards a hillside Jelení stráň and rocks Pytlácké kameny (Poacher’s rocks) which are situated 975 metres above a sea level, then a peak Český vrch – 918 metres above a sea level, and as far as a dividing line Předěl. There we will look for a red sign and continue to lower crossroads at a Nebeský žebřík (Heaven ladder). While climbing up along a blue line, to the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains (Smrk, 1124 m above a sea level), we will be awarded by a great view thanks to a watchtower on the top, which is opened for all year. From there we will set on a way back along the Nebeský žebřík, down to the crossroads and from there following a red sign in the direction of the area Tišina, the Hubert’s chalet and back to the town Lázně Libverda.

The whole route is about 24 kilometres long.

Osada Jizerka