6. Hubert`s chalet - a hill Paličník – Lázně Libverda

Hubert`s chalet – Sedmitrámový most (A seven-beams bridge) – a mount Smědava – a dividing line Předěl – a hill Paličník – a brook Hájený potok – Bartl`s chalet – Hubert`s chalet – Lázně Libverda. This trip is more demanding so we recommend it to advanced hikers only.

Starting from a spa colonnade we will follow a red sign which takes us along a spa path to the centre of the town. Then we will get to a crossroads, so take a main road, then go past a dogs`training ground and a Jizerka chalet, in the direction of a Hubert`s chalet. Not far away we can find a rock outlook Kočičí kameny (Cat´s rocks) which are definitely worth to see, climb up and have a look around. From the Hubert`s chalet we will continue along a green line towards a Bartl`s chalet and to a so-called Sedmitrámový most (A seven-beams bridge). There we will follow a green sign again in the direction of a mount Smědava. From there we will keep straight on along a red sign to the dividing line Předěl. Changing for a blue line which will take us up to a hill Paličník, we will be rewarded by a beautiful view to a whole valley. Afterwards we will follow a yellow sign towards the brook Hájný Potok and the Bartl`s chalet. If we wish we can have light refreshment there before continuing on our way, along a green line to the Hubert`s chalet and then along a red line back to the town Lázně Libverda.

The whole route is about 26 kilometres long.

Hájený potok