1. Hubert´s chalet, a spring of mineral water „Kyselka“ in Nové Město pod Smrkem

There are so many interesting destinations for walks and trips in the surroundings of our town. We would like to offer you some of them, easily accessible even by beginner hikers.

From a spa colonnade we will follow a red sign which will take us along a spa path, up towards the town. Later on we will get to crossroads, take a main road, then follow it past a dogs` training ground, a Paul`s spring and a Jizerka chalet to a Hubert`s chalet. Not far away we will find a rock outlook called Kočičí Kameny which is definitely worth to see, climb up and have a look around. Then come back to the Hubert`s chalet and following a green sign we will go forward to crossroads U červeného buku (By a red beech), and from there take a turning to a spring of mineral water „Kyselka“. After refreshing by this cool mineral water we will still follow a green sign for about 300 metres to an edge of a forest, to a place known as U spálené hospody (A burnt down pub). From there we will follow a yellow sign towards the town Lázně Libverda and a restaurant Obří sud (A Great Barrel) and then the spa colonnade will be just within a reach.

The whole route is about 11 kilometres long with a height difference of 460 metres.

Vlaąský hřbet