Expansion of a spa industry in our town

Expansion of a spa industry in our town

A founder of the present spa, Earl Kristian Filip Clam-Gallas, was an owner of a Frydlant Manor. It was him, who in the years 1776 – 1818 let some new spring to be opened, while the old spring was buried. Newly opened springs were called Mary`s, Kristian`s, Eduard`s and all of them were located right next to the spa buildings.

, an image opens in a new windowBefore the end of the18th century a spa park was built and in 1798 a small monument, dedicated to founders and farmers who left their land for spa to be built on, was exposed there. At the beginning of the 19th century Kristian Fillip had a spa promenade and an empire chateau built where he could stay over summer months. Then a pavilion above the Mary`s spring was built and also a classicists house where the spa head-quarters can be found today. Thanks to his support an independent school came into its existence in 1819. His son Kristian Christopher then followed in his foot-steps.

In 1836 the town got a statute of a healing spa from the regional council. A two-wing colonnade was built in 1847, the same year as a road connecting the spa with towns Raspenava and Frydlant. A new spa building (now called Ostrava) was opened in 1868. It was short afterwards that a development of the spa came to a halt and maybe it was the main reason for a slow decline of the town. A number of visitors was falling as rich people preferred spa like Teplice or the west Bohemian spas. At the end of the 19th century a number of guests was about 300 per year (have a look at the chart below).













Number of guests












At the beginning of the 20th century the spa industry went into a boom again, and so they tried to offer something interesting to attract their potentional guests. A new tennis court was built, along with a playground for children and a pond for swimming. There were about 800 inhabitants at that time, so an accommodation could be offered in several guest-houses and hotels which were all well-kept. Entertainment was provided by a Spa Band that had been performing ever since 1783. Libverda was also well-known thanks to distribution of healing mineral water called Libverdska Kyselka (for example in 1910 about 200,000 bottles were sold).

In 1899 a post office was opened, and in 1900 it was a railway connecting Raspenava with Bílý Potok which helped the town to be more easily accessible.

, an image opens in a new windowIn 1906 a new name of the town, Lázně Libverda, was accepted.

During the war years 1915 – 1918 a hospital with two hundred beds was built to take care of injured, and already 1948 people were treated there. After the Czech Republic was established, the first elections were held on 15th June 1919. During the census in 1921, there were 711 inhabitants, of which 693 were German and 18 Czech. The industry in Libverda was represented by a company producing a different assortment made of china. And Libverda was also an agricultural centre.

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Lázně Libverda

The town Lázně Libverda is situated in the attractive area on the northern foothills of the Jizera mountains. At the moment the population is approximately 460 inhabitants. The town itself lies 424 metres above the sea level, on the boundary with Germany and Poland, and its area is 1320 hectares wide.

The town is surrounded by mixed forests which together with its location set its climate charakter. A Halley where the town is situated is closed by mount Smrk (1124 m). There can be found a part of a Nature reservation „Jizerské bučiny" and a natural commemoration "Klečoviště na Smrku". For its wonderful setting Lázně Libverda becomes one of the most impressive destinations.

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