6. Hubert`s chalet - a hill Paličník – Lázně Libverda

Vrchol Paličníku z Jedlové cesty

Hubert`s chalet – Sedmitrámový most (A seven-beams bridge) – a mount Smědava – a dividing line Předěl – a hill Paličník – a brook Hájený potok – Bartl`s chalet – Hubert`s chalet – Lázně Libverda. This trip is more demanding so we recommend it to advanced hikers only.

Starting from a spa colonnade we will follow a red sign which takes us along a spa path to the centre of the town. Then we will get to a crossroads, so take a main road, then go past a dogs`training ground and a Jizerka chalet, in the direction of a Hubert`s chalet. Not far away we can find a rock outlook Kočičí kameny (Cat´s rocks) which are definitely worth to see, climb up and have a look around. From the Hubert`s chalet we will continue along a green line towards a Bartl`s chalet and to a so-called Sedmitrámový most (A seven-beams bridge). There we will follow a green sign again in the direction of a mount Smědava. From there we will keep straight on along a red sign to the dividing line Předěl. Changing for a blue line which will take us up to a hill Paličník, we will be rewarded by a beautiful view to a whole valley. Afterwards we will follow a yellow sign towards the brook Hájný Potok and the Bartl`s chalet. If we wish we can have light refreshment there before continuing on our way, along a green line to the Hubert`s chalet and then along a red line back to the town Lázně Libverda.

The whole route is about 26 kilometres long.

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Lázně Libverda

The town Lázně Libverda is situated in the attractive area on the northern foothills of the Jizera mountains. At the moment the population is approximately 460 inhabitants. The town itself lies 424 metres above the sea level, on the boundary with Germany and Poland, and its area is 1320 hectares wide.

The town is surrounded by mixed forests which together with its location set its climate charakter. A Halley where the town is situated is closed by mount Smrk (1124 m). There can be found a part of a Nature reservation „Jizerské bučiny" and a natural commemoration "Klečoviště na Smrku". For its wonderful setting Lázně Libverda becomes one of the most impressive destinations.

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