Into the mountains - Hejnice, Souš, Jizerka and Harrachov

Basilika Navštívení P. Marie s klášterem

Hejnice - Church of the Visitation of Our Lady (Chrám Navštívení Panny Marie)

The church is an important place of pilgrimage, a place that is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most romantic places of pilgrimage in the country mainly thanks to the ridges of the Jizera Mountains that rise majestically behind the basilica to create such marvellous scenery. The basilica is adjoined by a Franciscan monastery, which is home to the International Centre for Spiritual Rehabilitation (Mezinárodní centrum duchovní obnovy).

Smědava, Bílý Potok pod Smrkem

An isolated spot with a mountain chalet that is very popular with tourists on the north-eastern slope of Jizera Mountain. In winter this crossing of hiking trails is the final place you can reach along the road from Hejnice; the road from Smědava to Souš reservoir (road II/290) is only open during the summer (from 1st May to 31st October).

Souš Dam / The Burst Dam (Protržená přehrada - the reservoir on the River Bílá Desná)

Two dams to have experienced differing fates that lie in the very heart of the Jizera Mountains. Each has its own story to tell and has written itself into the history of the region. Whereas the first (Souš Dam) is a still functioning reservoir, a visit to its counterpart on the River Bílá Desná is more of a reminder of a tragedy to occur almost a hundred years ago. The best idea when visiting the dams is to leave your car at the small car park beneath the embankment of Souš Dam. An information board about the dam is found right beside the path around one hundred metres from the car park.


The highest-placed settlement in the Czech Republic, the most beautiful corner of the mountains and the heart of the Jizera Mountains: these are but a few of the descriptions used for Jizerka, which lies in the Malá Jizerka meadow in the middle of the Jizera Mountains. The dominant feature here is the highest volcanic basalt rock in Central Europe; Bukovec Hill (1005 metres above sea level). There is a national nature reserve here, through which there runs a nature trail. A stream of the same name flows through Jizerka, as does the Sapphire Brook, which was once a renowned source of precious stones (sapphires, rubies, chalcedony, topaz etc.). You will find out a great deal about the history and natural riches of Jizerka and the Jizera Mountains by visiting the museum here, which is housed in the old school.

The best way of reaching Jizerka by car is past Smědava and Souš Dam, after which you should turn off to the left along the small road to Horní Polubný. Turn left at the church in Horní Polubný on to an even narrower road. This road is not marked in any way, but continues on to the car park before Jizerka without any further turn-offs. From this car park it is around 1 km to the settlement of Jizerka itself. N.B. You should take snow chains with you if you decide to drive to Jizerka from Horní Polubný in winter because the road is only cleared with a snow plough (not salted). You can reach Jizerka from Smědava on foot (around 6 km).

Harrachov - NOVOSAD & SYN Glassworks

A private glass factory, the second oldest in Bohemia, where traditional production is maintained to this day. You can actually watch the complete procedure of glass processing using manual techniques on a tour of the factory. The glassworks complex is also home to a museum, a glass shop and a micro-brewery, where the local yeast beer is brewed before your very eyes. You can also see glass production from here.

Harrachov – Mining Museum and Mine Tunnel (Hornické muzeum a prohlídkové štoly)

The museum is home to a collection of minerals from local deposits and from different ore mines in the Czech Republic. You can also see examples of minerals from abroad (over 200 pieces), the machinery and tools used in mining, period photographs, mine maps and a unique collection of mine lamps (from torches to present day examples). The mine tunnel is around 1000 metres in length. A tour of the tunnel with an expert guide (tour possible in German) lasts around 45 minutes. Visitors are provided with safety helmets and an overcoat and walk the gravel track that runs through the tunnel level of this former ore mine. Along the way you will experience the interesting mining environment (the average annual temperature is between 10 °C and 12 °C) and see original mining machinery. You will find more information at…

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Lázně Libverda

The town Lázně Libverda is situated in the attractive area on the northern foothills of the Jizera mountains. At the moment the population is approximately 460 inhabitants. The town itself lies 424 metres above the sea level, on the boundary with Germany and Poland, and its area is 1320 hectares wide.

The town is surrounded by mixed forests which together with its location set its climate charakter. A Halley where the town is situated is closed by mount Smrk (1124 m). There can be found a part of a Nature reservation „Jizerské bučiny" and a natural commemoration "Klečoviště na Smrku". For its wonderful setting Lázně Libverda becomes one of the most impressive destinations.

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