Paradise for bikers

A Frydlant region seems to be created for bikers to enjoy themselves. So cycling is one of the most popular sports in the area and many routes for bikers have been marked out together with some great ideas for trips (e.g. a trip to Harta – Pastevecká obora 12 km to hill Ořešník – waterfalls on the brook Velký Štolpich 8,5 km to spa Lázně Libverda 6 km to a blacksmith Ondřej Stelzig´s forge – a rock Bílá Skála by a village Srbská 40 km and so on).

Every biker is awaited by three tracks of international importance (No. 3016, 3039, 3059), by two tracks of over-regional importance (No. 3006 and 22) and by several local tracks (No. 3063, 3064, 3065). It is for sure that all of these are well marked in the territory. And then there are loads of roads and paths which are not distinguished and which will take you along brooks, through forests, or up to upper parts of the Jizera Mountains. Alleys consisting of maples, ash trees and lime trees are common sights along the roads here.

Some of the tracks will take you to the borders, so there is always an opportunity to make your journey more interesting by making a trip to Poland or Germany. A track number 3016 crosses a frontier in Andělka and it gives you a chance to visit a monastery St Marienthal in Ostritz. From a nearby town Zittau you can set on a journey along one of many interesting routes in Upper Lusatia in Germany. From a town Nové Město pod Smrkem you can get to Poland over a border-crossing Nové Město pod Smrkem – Czerniava Zdrój. While there, you can visit a nearby spa Swiatadów Zdrój and then set on a way to Polish parts of the Jizera Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains. A track number 3059 crosses a frontier through a border-crossing Srbská – Miloszów. The route which will take you along Polish lowlands towards an old town of Leśna just won`t let you pass without visiting two big water reservoirs. They were built on a river Kwisa – and are called Jezioro Zlotnickie and Jezioro Leśnianskie. A chateau Czocha used as a hotel stands on the banks.

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Lázně Libverda

The town Lázně Libverda is situated in the attractive area on the northern foothills of the Jizera mountains. At the moment the population is approximately 460 inhabitants. The town itself lies 424 metres above the sea level, on the boundary with Germany and Poland, and its area is 1320 hectares wide.

The town is surrounded by mixed forests which together with its location set its climate charakter. A Halley where the town is situated is closed by mount Smrk (1124 m). There can be found a part of a Nature reservation „Jizerské bučiny" and a natural commemoration "Klečoviště na Smrku". For its wonderful setting Lázně Libverda becomes one of the most impressive destinations.

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